Taikee Dash: Empowering Retailers With Cutting-Edge Convenience

As a grocery retailer, are you striving to optimise your inventory,
buying prices, and product range? Your search ends here!

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"I've been using Taikee Dash for the past six months, and I can't imagine running my grocery store without it. It's made my inventory management a breeze and has significantly increased my profit margins."

Introducing Taikee Dash

India's Leading Same-day Delivery Service Tailored For Grocery Stores

Dash Brings Marketplace Right To Your Doorstep, Offering Unmatched Convenience & Efficiency

Our retail distribution faces a significant challenge!

It's currently supplier-centric, not Kirana store-centric.
This lack of uniformity in how services are delivered needs attention.

Low Order Fill Rates

Traditional sellers often do not guarantee fill rates on confirmed orders, resulting in frequent stockouts.

Low Order Fill Rates

Pricing Mismatch

Price discrepancies among sellers can lead to margin erosion for Kirana stores.

Pricing Mismatch

Capital Inefficient

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Infrequent order collection requires Kiranas to stock more inventory than they would need to.

Capital Inefficient

Solving this supplier-centric approach and ensuring Kirana store-centricity can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled Convenience & Quick Commerce

Enjoy the unparalleled convenience of same-day delivery. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting times for stock replenishment.

With Taikee Dash, you're not just keeping up with the retail industry; you're setting new benchmarks. Our platform is designed to help you compete effectively in the fast-paced world of quick commerce.

Unparalleled Convenience & Quick Commerce

Taikee Dash is more than just an inventory solution

It Empowers Kirana Stores to Compete with Quick Commerce while Prioritising Employment Potential and Convenience as Core Values for Shoppers.

Streamlined Inventory

Effortlessly manage stock with our advanced algorithms
Improved inventory management leads to lower carrying costs, reduced storage expenses, and minimised losses due to obsolescence or overstocking.
Efficient inventory management ensures products are readily available when customers demand them.
Better inventory management helps in optimising working capital by reducing excess capital tied up in unsold inventory.
Streamlined Inventory
Cash and Carry Marketplace

Cash and Carry Marketplace

Connect with wholesalers for competitive prices
We provide price transparency by allowing Kiranas to compare products from multiple sellers.
By offering a wide range of products from various sellers, we provide Kiranas with convenience in product selection.
We invest in our user-friendly platform, making it easy for Kiranas to search, filter, and compare products.

Optimized Buying Price

Leverage our network for the best deals
By securing goods at lower prices, a retail store can increase its profit margins.
Lower buying prices enable the store to offer competitive pricing to customers, attracting more foot traffic and repeat business.
When products are purchased at the right price, they can be sold faster, reducing carrying costs and the risk of overstocking.
Optimized Buying Price
Diverse Product Selection

Diverse Product Selection

From exotic offerings to everyday essentials, our vast network caters to all your needs
Diverse product offerings attract a broader customer base and retain existing customers who appreciate having a wide range of choices.
A diverse product selection allows retailers to differentiate themselves from competitors.
Offering a diverse range of products can lead to increased sales as customers are more likely to find products that meet their specific requirements.

Join the Retail Revolution

Step into the future of grocery retail with Taikee Dash. Elevate your store to new heights and redefine the shopping experience for your customers.
Taikee Dash: Where Speed Meets Efficiency in Grocery Retail