Peel-Works Culture

We foster a culture rooted in sharp accountability and inclusiveness, where our performance management systems are meticulously designed to identify and address gaps in achieving targets.

Mission and Vision

Choosing a Meaningful Path: Our Mission and Vision propel us toward a future of Growth and Connectivity.

At Peel Works, our mission is to revolutionize the way businesses and SMEs connect, by providing cutting-edge platforms and services that harness the power of local expertise to fuel sustainable growth and success.


Empowering a Global Network of Businesses and SMEs to Thrive through Unparalleled Local Expertise and Innovative Growth Solutions.

Our Values

Aim Big
We believe in making significant, bold moves—no small thinking. We aim to be a respected, loved, and profitable company with a substantial impact on Small and Medium Enterprises.
Earn Love
Our focus is on connecting small businesses with large enterprises. We aim to develop products that make interconnecting businesses intuitive. This is our path to being cherished by our network partners.
Foster Creativity
We prioritize cost-effective solutions. Our mantra is innovation over expenditure, ensuring we offer elegant technology solutions affordably. Stay Sharp: We value clarity and specificity over adjectives. Our language is numbers-driven, direct, and to the point. Yes and no are complete answers in our objective, result-oriented culture
Keep Moving
We focus on constant improvement and scalability. Our platform should naturally attract network participants, negating the need for active recruitment. Understanding why more SMEs aren't with us drives our evolution, ensuring we remain relevant and compelling for every potential customer Our focus is on connecting small businesses with large enterprises. We aim to develop products that make interconnecting businesses intuitive. This is our path to being cherished by our network partners.

Our Business Conduct Principles

Where trust, responsibility, and ethical values shape our business landscape

Honesty: A Cornerstone

We prioritize honesty and ethical behavior in every part of our business. Integrity is key in all our dealings.

Respect: For Everyone

Our commitment is to treat everyone - customers, partners, suppliers, employees - with respect and courtesy. Positive relationships are built on this foundation.

Confidentiality: Protecting Information

Safeguarding confidential information is crucial. We ensure the privacy and security of data from our company, customers, partners, suppliers, and employees.

Compliance: Following Laws

We align our decisions and actions with applicable laws and regulations, emphasizing our moral and legal responsibilities.

Partner Expectations

We expect our partners and suppliers to uphold these principles in their dealings with us and adhere to our specific conduct codes.

Quality & Excellence

Strive for quality and excellence in all commitments. Continuous improvement should be a key focus.
Employee Policies

Employee Policies

Our Business Conduct Policy applies to all employees, including our Board of Directors. It provides clear standards and resources for support.
Policy Waivers
Waivers to this policy for senior roles must be approved by our Board and disclosed as per legal requirements.
Local Laws: Seek Advice
Where local laws differ from our policy, employees should consult with HR for appropriate guidance.
Training: A Must
All employees must complete annual Business Conduct training and additional sessions like Respect at Work and Data Privacy. These are essential for maintaining our commitment to these values.
Your Responsibility

As part of our team, you should:
Follow our policies and legal requirements.
Report any policy breaches or concerns.
Seek advice when unsure.
Our collective effort ensures a workplace that upholds ethical, respectful, and compliant practices. 

Saying No

No is the most powerful word. It can break or build institutions. Culture. And the race at large. As a company, we encourage our teams to know how and when to say No. We do not believe that we can operate in an environment of subservience where customers or investors are always right. We demand and need our space to allow our creative instincts to flourish.

The Power of Saying No

As a company, we firmly believe that "no" is the most powerful word. It can break or build institutions, shape culture, and impact race. We encourage our teams to understand the importance of saying no and to know when and how to use it effectively.

We do not subscribe to the notion that the customer or investor is always right. Instead, we demand and need space to allow our creative instincts to flourish.

Why Saying No Matters

Saying no is essential because it sets boundaries and establishes control. It allows us to prioritize our values, goals, and vision. By saying no, we can avoid spreading ourselves too thin and focus on what truly matters.

It empowers us to make decisions that align with our core principles and helps us maintain our integrity.

The Impact on Institutions

When institutions cannot say no, they become susceptible to external pressures and lose their autonomy.

This can lead to compromised values, diluted missions, and a lack of innovation.

By embracing the power of no, institutions can protect their identity, maintain their standards, and stay true to their purpose.

The Influence on Culture

The collective actions and beliefs of individuals within a society shape culture. When individuals and organizations are afraid to say no, it can result in a culture of conformity and complacency. However, when people dare to say no, it opens up opportunities for growth, diversity, and progress.

It encourages critical thinking, creativity, and the exploration of new ideas.

The Impact on the Race at Large

The race at large refers to the collective human race and its progress. When individuals and institutions are empowered to say no, it can lead to positive change on a global scale. It allows for the questioning of existing systems, the challenging of norms, and the pursuit of a better future.

Saying no can break down barriers, dismantle oppressive structures, and create a more equitable society.

Encouraging No within Our Company

At our company, we encourage our teams to embrace the power of saying no. We believe that operating in an environment of subservience, where the customer or investor is always right, stifles creativity and limits growth. Instead, we provide our employees the space and freedom to express their ideas, challenge the status quo, and make decisions based on their expertise.

Knowing How and When to Say No

Knowing how and when to say no is a skill that requires both self-awareness and discernment. It involves understanding our limitations, priorities, and values. It also requires assessing the potential impact of our decisions on others and the organization as a whole.

By developing this skill, our teams can confidently navigate complex situations, make informed choices, and contribute to the overall success of our company.

Creating a Culture of Empowerment

We strive to create a culture that empowers employees to say no when necessary. This means fostering an environment of trust, open communication, and respect.

We encourage our teams to voice their opinions, challenge ideas, and offer alternative perspectives. We can foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement by valuing diverse viewpoints and encouraging constructive dissent.

Respecting Boundaries and Autonomy

We recognize the importance of respecting boundaries and autonomy within our organization. We understand that saying no is not a sign of disrespect or defiance but rather a way to protect our values and maintain our integrity.

We encourage our teams to set boundaries, communicate their needs, and prioritize their well-being. Doing so creates an environment that supports personal growth, work-life balance, and overall employee satisfaction.

Embracing Creative Instincts

We firmly believe that creativity is essential for innovation and growth. By allowing our creative instincts to flourish, we can push the boundaries of what is possible and find new solutions to complex problems.

Saying no when necessary allows us to focus on projects and ideas that align with our creative vision and have the potential to make a significant impact.

It enables us to pursue excellence and deliver exceptional results.

The Benefits of Saying No

1. Maintaining integrity and staying true to our values

2. Setting boundaries and prioritizing what truly matters

3. Fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking

4. Empowering individuals and institutions to create positive change

5. Allowing creative instincts to flourish and driving exceptional results