Invested in Success: the Pillars of Support Behind Our Ventures
Our Unique Investment Model:

Empowering Employees and Embracing Long-Term InvestorsA Balanced Approach to Ownership. At the core of our business philosophy is a distinctive ownership structure where employees hold a significant stake in the company. This approach fosters a deep sense of commitment and ownership among our team and lays a solid foundation for enduring success. We cultivate a united front toward achieving collective excellence by aligning our employees' aspirations with the company's goals.

The Role of Strategic Financial Partners

Complementing our employee-ownership model, the other half of our company is backed by astute financial investors. Esteemed partners like Equanimity Ventures, Unilever Ventures, and the Indian Angel Network are not just funders but pivotal contributors to our journey. Their infusion of capital and resources is instrumental in propelling our growth and expansion, allowing us to pursue new horizons ambitiously.

The Pursuit of Long-Term, Vision-Aligned Investors

Our focus transcends short-term gains; we seek investors who resonate with our vision of revolutionizing India's B2B sourcing and procurement landscape. We value investors who bring patience, strategic foresight, and a commitment to sustainable growth, aligning with our long-term aspirations.

The Significance of Long-Term Investors

Long-term investors are vital for a business like ours, where stability, strategic insight, and patient capital are essential. They are not just financiers but partners who understand the importance of a nurturing corporate culture and the value of investing in our people. Their experience and strategic insights are invaluable in steering our company towards lasting success.

India's B2B Sourcing and Procurement: A Landscape of Opportunity

India presents a dynamic and thriving B2B sourcing and procurement ecosystem marked by a perfect blend of competitive pricing, quality, and technological innovation. Using cutting-edge tech like AI and blockchain has significantly streamlined procurement processes. A strong emphasis on ethical practices and sustainability also positions India as a front-runner in responsible business operations.

Our Long-Term Vision

Our ambition is to redefine how B2B sourcing and procurement functions in India. This goal demands a strategic, long-term perspective, focusing on building a robust, scalable model that stands the test of time. We aim to drive innovation, foster strong supplier relationships, and stay ahead of industry trends, positioning ourselves as leaders in the field.

In Summary:

  • Employee Ownership: Our employees own a substantial part of the company, fostering a strong sense of belonging and dedication.
  • Strategic Financial Backing: Key financial investors provide essential capital and expertise, fueling our growth.
  • Commitment to Long-Term Goals: We seek investors who align with our vision for transforming India's B2B sector.
  • Importance of Long-Term Investors: Stability, strategic guidance, and patient capital are crucial for our sustained growth.
  • India's B2B Opportunities: We leverage India's strengths in competitive pricing, technological advancement, and ethical practices.

Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of B2B sourcing and procurement in India and beyond.