About Peel-Works

At Peel-Works, we aim to catalyze transformation in India's Small and Medium Business landscape. We are dedicated to helping these enterprises scale new heights by securing more business opportunities, streamlining their operations, and enhancing customer experiences. Our approach is rooted in leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions to address the unique challenges SMEs face

Our Story

We are making significant strides in two key sectors: Staffing and Grocery Distribution. In these areas, we are facilitating business growth and driving innovation and efficiency. Join us on our journey to revolutionize India's Small and Medium Enterprises sector. We aim to empower these businesses, helping them thrive in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

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Taikee Dash
Taikee Dash
Quick Staffing
Quick Staffing
Peel-Work's Story

Our logo story

Our logo, therefore, is not just a mark.
It's a story in itself - a circle of growth, a circle of trust, a circle of community.

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of business, a symbol stood for more than just a brand. It was a tale woven into a logo of growth, transformation, and trust.

In our emblem, you will see small leaves sprout, symbolizing the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) filled with untapped potential and eagerness to flourish. Starting small and eager, these leaves begin a dance of growth within a magical circle. As they waltz in this circular embrace, they grow in size and strength, each turn representing their journey of expansion.

The larger leaves in the dance were the big enterprises, growing mightier, enriched by the fresh, innovative perspectives of the SMEs.At the heart of this dance was the circle itself - that's us. We're the nurturers, the enablers, the guardians of this growth. We're the space where these connections blossom, where small dreams grow into significant realities.

We've always believed in the might of SMEs, their local wisdom, and their capability to add immense value to giant corporations. Our role has been to weave a fabric of trust, connecting these vast entities with vibrant local delivery partners.

Our mission is to be the catalysts of growth, the builders of bridges, and the creators of a community where every member thrives.Our logo, therefore, is not just a mark. It's a story in itself - a circle of growth, a circle of trust, a circle of community.

And now, we extend our hand, inviting you to step into this circle to be a part of this ever-growing, ever-evolving story.

Culture at Peel-Works

We foster a culture rooted in sharp accountability and inclusiveness, where our performance management systems are meticulously designed to identify and address gaps in achieving targets.

Collaboratively, we work closely with our teams, providing the support and guidance needed to meet and exceed their goals. Understanding our customers' intolerance for shortfalls, we align our internal culture with their expectations of high-quality work delivered punctually.

The essence of our culture lies in consistently empowering our teams to achieve and surpass their objectives, ensuring excellence is not just a goal but a standard we live by.
Culture at Peel-Works

Our Leadership Team

Just as diverse as we want the company to be- experience, background, gender - we got it all. A team that gets along with each other and pushes each other to do a great job.
Sachin Chhabra
A St. Stephen's College alumnus with 25 years of experience in the consumer goods space. His vision is to provide better lives to India's SMEs through Peel-Works.
Lt Col Pushkar Raj (Veteran)
An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and an Army Veteran with 28 years of experience, Pushkar has played a pivotal role in establishing and overseeing a seamless supply chain process while also being instrumental in keeping the team cohesive and effective.
Sutanu Dutta
He is an alumnus of IIM Raipur and SRCC, with 15 years of experience in finance, supply chain management, operations, warehousing, logistics, national expansion, and strategic planning. His career includes significant contributions at Hindustan Times and Rivigo, where he played a key role in hypergrowth, working across major cities. He was a founding team member of Truxapp's last-mile logistics and an early team member at Rivigo. Additionally, he ventured into entrepreneurship in medical tourism and event organizing. Currently, at Peel Works, he spearheads strategy, operations, and new ventures.
Debasis Mohanty
23 years of experience in fundraising commercial and supply chain management, and legal control. He is a CA and an alumna/alumnus of IIM Lucknow with a certification in Finance Automation.
Lt Col Pushkar Raj (Veteran)
Sonu, an MBA graduate from Punjab University, brings 13 years of rich experience in staffing. Her expertise in strategic business planning, extensive account management, operations, business development, and people management is at the core of the Quick Staffing business line.

Our Investors

Our investors are committed to a long-term vision, recognizing that Western business concepts may not universally apply across diverse businesses and geographies. They embody a strong value system and ethos, underpinning our approach with a depth of understanding and respect for global diversity in business practices.
Equanimity investor
Unilever investor
Indian Angel Network  investor

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are using our services/product
Taikee Dash goes beyond being an app; it's a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by kirana store owners. Beyond procurement and competitive prices, it's the reliability and prompt service that have turned Taikee Dash into a trusted ally and an integral part of my business strategy
Rahul Verma
Ordering what I need for my store is very simple, and the same day delivery service helps my Kirana business. The prices are very good, helping me keep my shelves full with a variety of products. It is super easy to use, and the app’s efficiency is unmatched.
Kirana Store Owner
The same day delivery service is helpful for KIrana store owner like me. Taikee Dash has helped me order only as per the requirements and keep my customers happy because of their on time daily delivery. It has also helped me manage my expenses better.
Kirana Store Owne
Quick Staffing brings a level of expertise to hiring, engagement, and performance management that is truly unmatched. Our seat-fill rates have seen a significant uptick, and our delivering teams are now more motivated and efficient.
Happy Staffer
Quick Staffing's commitment to excellence goes beyond business transactions; it's a genuine dedication to understanding our needs and fostering a collaborative partnership. Their responsiveness and strategic approach make them more than just a service provider – they're an extension of our team
Chase Staffing Solutions
Running a small business demands time efficiency, and Taikee Dash understands that perfectly. The app not only simplifies my procurement process but adds a personal touch to every order.
Pooja Sharma