Embracing Diversity & Inclusion: Peel Works' 2024 Vision

Our diversity journey fuels innovation, sparks creativity, and
shapes a stronger, inclusive organisation and beyond.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At Peel Works, diversity and inclusion aren't just words; they're woven into our culture. We believe in the power of a diverse workforce for innovative problem-solving.

Beacon of Diversity & Inclusion

At Peel Works, our dedication to diversity and inclusion isn't just talk—it's embedded in the fabric of our culture. We understand that a diverse workforce sparks innovation and creativity, leading to better problem-solving and outcomes.

Building an Inclusive Workplace

We're committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and heard. Our proactive diversity-driven hiring practices ensure a rich tapestry of perspectives and talents.

Valuing Varied Perspectives

We champion a workplace where differing views are heard and celebrated, driving collaborative innovation and understanding.

Cultivating Awareness and Leadership

Through extensive training and development, we enhance our team's awareness of biases and cultural dynamics, shaping a leadership that truly understands the value of inclusion.

Empowering Through Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs are more than groups—they're change-makers, influencing policies and championing diversity at every level.

Leadership with a Vision

Our leaders are committed to embedding diversity and inclusion into every aspect of our strategy, ensuring these values are reflected in our actions and outcomes.
Progressive Hiring Practices

Progressive Hiring Practices

Diversity Begins with Hiring
At Peel Works, we recognize that a diverse team starts with inclusive recruitment. We actively seek talent from all walks of life, ensuring our team is as diverse as the communities we serve.
Inclusive Job Ads
We craft our job ads to be welcoming to all, using inclusive language and representative of our diverse aspirations.
Tapping into Diverse Talent Pools
Our recruitment channels are as varied as our candidates, ensuring we reach a broad spectrum of potential team members.
Fair and Balanced Interviews
Our structured interview process is designed to minimize bias, focusing squarely on skills and potential.
Educating Our Hiring Managers
We equip hiring managers with the tools and knowledge to make unbiased, merit-based hiring decisions.
Collaborating with diverse organizations
Our partnerships with various organizations reflect our commitment to bringing diverse talents into our fold.

Empowering Employee Resource Groups

ERGs: Our Diversity Think Tanks
Our ERGs are the heartbeat of our diversity efforts, offering spaces for connection and advocacy and driving meaningful change.
Women's Empowerment
Our Women's ERG is dedicated to uplifting and supporting our female employees, providing mentorship, support, and networking opportunities.
LGBTQ+ Inclusivity
Our LGBTQ+ ERG ensures a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for all, advocating for equal rights and understanding.
Celebrating Racial & Ethnic Diversity
This ERG is our cultural melting pot, promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse heritages within Peel Works.
Disability Inclusion
Focused on accessibility and understanding, this ERG advocates for the needs and potential of employees with disabilities.
Supporting Working Parents
Our Parental Support ERG addresses working parents' unique challenges, offering resources and a supportive network.
Empowering Employee Resource Groups
Inclusive Policies & Benefits

Inclusive Policies & Benefits

Policies that Reflect Our Values
Our inclusive policies and benefits are designed to support and respect the diverse needs of our team members.
Equal Opportunity for All
Our firm stance against discrimination sets the tone for a fair, respectful workplace.
Supporting Employee Well-Being
Our Employee Assistance Programs provide confidential support, ensuring our team's mental and emotional well-being.
Continuous Learning & Development
Diversity training for all employees is critical to fostering an empathetic, inclusive culture.
Recognizing Diverse Contributions
Our rewards program celebrates the unique contributions of each team member, valuing their talents and achievements.

Championing Supplier Diversity

Diversity Beyond Our Walls
Our commitment extends to our supply chain, where we champion diversity and inclusivity among our suppliers.
Setting Inclusive Supplier Goals
We're proactively diversifying our supplier base, ensuring opportunities for all businesses, regardless of size or background.
Outreach and Engagement
We actively seek out diverse suppliers, expanding our network and fostering inclusivity.
Educating Our Procurement Team
Our team is trained in best practices for supplier diversity, ensuring a fair and inclusive selection process.
Monitoring Supplier Performance
We regularly assess our diverse suppliers to maintain high standards and support sustainable growth.
Celebrating Supplier Achievements
Recognizing the achievements of our diverse suppliers not only celebrates their contributions but also encourages broader diversity in business practices
Championing Supplier Diversity