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Our marketplace platforms seamlessly combine access to new markets, convenience, competitive pricing, and transparency, creating an irresistible appeal that fosters a deep connection between our suppliers and customers.

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"Every large enterprise we've worked with has seen remarkable growth and substantial cost reductions. They agree - our marketplaces are transformative."

Bridging SMEs & Enterprises

Our platforms serve as a dynamic bridge connecting large enterprises with the vibrant world of SMEs.

This synergy allows businesses to harness local knowledge and expertise, leading to accelerated growth and notable cost savings.

Accessing this local knowledge accelerates the growth of large enterprises and allows them to collaborate with high-performing, long-serving talent.

Despite technological advancements enabling centralisation, there is still no credible substitute for the invaluable tribal knowledge in optimising human performance.

Bridging SMEs & Enterprises Peel-Works

Why Our Platforms Stand Out

Quick Staffing and Taikee Dash facilitate commerce by providing a centralised platform where buyers and sellers can connect, expanding access to products and services, enhancing convenience, offering competitive pricing, and transparency in transactions.

In the marketplace, businesses often encounter hurdles in marketing their products & securing the necessary working capital.

SMEs face challenges related to marketing and securing access to working capital

Enterprises highly value smaller businesses for their capacity to infuse passion & drive cost efficiencies, thereby our marketplace enriches the overall ecosystem & fosters sustainable growth.

Enterprises value SMEs for infusing passion and delivering cost advantages to their operations.

Our mission is to solve the puzzle of connecting businesses of all sizes within the marketplace, facilitating seamless collaboration between SMEs and large enterprises.

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Solving the puzzle of connecting SMEs with large enterprises is our mission

About Our Purpose

The diversity within SMEs and the procurement needs of enterprises require a marketplace connector. While all sectors require attention, we are currently focused on two of the largest and most complex business categories: Staffing and Grocery.

Grocery Products Platform For Kirana Stores and Wholesalers.

Our platform Taikee Dash revolutionises how local wholesalers connect with Kirana stores, offering direct access to a wide range of products
Taikee Dash provides wholesalers with timely and comprehensive insights into Kirana stores' preferences and demands.
The platform uses advanced analytics for real-time demand forecasting, optimising inventory levels for timely product availability in Kirana stores.
Taikee Dash streamlines order management for Kirana stores and wholesalers, fostering a responsive supply chain.
Grocery Products Platform For Kirana Stores and Wholesalers.
Quick Staffing Framework - For Staffing SMEs And Enterprise Buyers.

Quick Staffing Framework - For Staffing SMEs And Enterprise Buyers.

We believe in the power of local flavours over a one-size-fits-all approach. Our platforms advocate for diversity, local expertise, and distinctive insights.
Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we customise to ensure businesses expand efficiently while respecting the diversity of markets.
We integrate local expertise, creating a workforce strategy that resonates with both the cultural and professional nuances of diverse communities.
Our platforms advocate diversity, offering unique insights for informed strategic decisions aligned with varied regional demands.

Our Impact Goes Beyond Business

Choosing our platforms means more than just business growth and cost savings. It's about empowering local SMEs and playing a pivotal role in bolstering the local economy.
Opting for our platforms signifies a commitment to a holistic growth model that extends beyond business metrics.
This fosters community resilience and economic sustainability, positively impacting overall well-being through local business success.
Businesses enhance regional economic vitality, positively affecting employment, income generation, and community living standards.
Our Impact Goes Beyond Business
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